Saturday, January 9, 2010

Current Mood: Anticipatory
Song of the Day: The Rockafeller Skank by Fatboy Slim (Dunno why, but I've had this song in my head all day!)
Quote of the Day: "Trying is having the intention to fail. You have to just say ‘do it.’" - From the movie "I Love You Man"

So much going on right now! My life is in crazy-mode, but that's okay! I'm actually accomplishing some things, and that's absolutely awesome! Okay, so here's what's going on:

Tomorrow (Sunday, January 10, 2009) is the No Pants subway ride event for Improv Everywhere. Once again I'm coordinating/hosting the event in Salt Lake City. This will be the third year that Salt Lake City has participated, and the third year that I've hosted it! To read more about the event, see our Facebook event page here:

I do have some concerns about this years event, however. First of all, I'm still terribly sick with tracheal bronchitis! Blah! I was sick for last years event, but somehow managed to survive. It's not the smartest thing to do when you're sick (it's not exactly a smart thing to do when you're healthy either, lol), but boy will it be fun! I'm not looking forward to standing outside freezing to death in my skivvies, breathing in the lovely inversion air. Ah well, it's worth it for the hilarity that shall ensue!

My second concern about this years event is that it falls on a Sunday. Sunday's in Utah are notoriously quiet. That's because so many people here keep the Sabbath day holy (I usually do too, but I'm making an exception for No Pants [wow...I'm going to hell in a hand basket! lol].) So there won't be as many participants I'm sure, and there won't be as many spectators. But as I told our agents (we call the participants in Improv Everywhere/Improv SLC secret agents), think of how funny it will be if the majority of the people on the TRAX train cars aren't wearing pants! I can only imagine what the innocent bystanders will think! Their reactions are priceless, and make everything worth it!

I even went out and bought some new clothing for the event. Since I've lost 90 pounds since last years event, none of my boy-short undies (which cover more) fit anymore. So I went out and bought some new ones that do fit (black with lace trim at the bottom), as well as some nylons to wear underneath (I got some flesh-colored ones that make it look like I don't have any on - but they sure help with the cold!) I also bought some cute trouser socks, because layers help keep the cold out! Oh! I also got some super cute "smokey" eyeshadow. Really pretty grays, blacks, and whites. It'll definitely look good with what I'm wearing! I'm sure I'll be in tons of pictures, so I'll post some after the event!

So what else do I have to do? You name it, and it's on my "To Do" list. I need to finish applying for Social Security Disability (they seem to be asking for the same information over and over again, just in different formats...ugh, that's the government for you!) Then I have a gazillion doctors appointments this month (speaking of which, I need to write out some notes regarding what to ask the doctors about.) I need to finish unpacking my stuff and setting up my room as I've lived in our new house since October, and am still living mostly out of boxes! The thing that makes it difficult is that my room is tiny, and overflowing with boxes, so there's nowhere to move anything to. That, and I can't move the boxes by myself because of my back, so I have to wait until it's convienient for someone else to help me (which is rarely.) Mixed in with all of that, I may go to California to visit a friend next Wednesday. It would only be a day trip, but I've been wanting to go and see her forever! I fly free because my mom works for an airlines, so why not use that benefit? I don't use it very often (maybe once a year) because I don't have any money to do anything once I get to a destination, so what's the point?

A more short-term "to-do" is to get ahold of the media for No Pants. Usually we don't inform the media, and they show up anyway. I figure this year I'll get ahold of them first, and put in some requests for them and how they should behave to help the event go off smootly. It's always interesting to see how the media portrays this event! Here's a page with some links to some of the media coverage of No Pants 2k8:

Alright, so I just took a time out from blogging to send off letters to the media. Yay, all done with that! I can now check it off my list. I'm a bit late in doing this, but oh well, at least I got it done! It's definitely one of my resolutions to complete things, and complete them on time (though finishing anything at all is amazing for me!)

Anyway, I'm going to go lay down and get some much needed rest. While I was out I rented the movie Penelope, which I have really been looking forward to seeing. I'll let you know how it is!

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  1. Angie said...
    Awesome. Just awesome. No pants ride on the subway!

    I hope you get to feeling better and kudos on the weight loss!

    I am lullabye123 from swap-bot. We were not partnered in the swap, but I HAD to check everyone's blogs out!
    lunaster said...

    I am following your blog from the be my blog follower from blogspot.(Inekevos)
    Good luck on your event

    Regards Ineke
    Ara said...
    If I could so pull it off without laughing & if I didn't have so much going on tomorrow, I'd be doing the no pants ride.

    Is anybody video taping it by chance?
    Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...
    Here,s hoping you have something on with that "No Pants day" Good luck, enjoyed your blog. This is for the swap bot blog swap.
    Feel better now!
    SuperStar Chef Mark said...
    Sorry that you're sick. I hope you get better...lots of chicken soup!!! Unless your vegetarian. Then, lots of luck. :)

    I'm sure you'll blog about the no-pants ride...can't wait to hear all about it.

    Oh and congrats on the weight-loss!

    Can't wait to read more.

    -Mark (superstarchefmark) "Be my Blog Follower" -swapbot-
    penaddictkitty said...
    I'm kaytd89 from swap-bot. I'm one of your partners in the be my blog follower swap. :)
    This'll probably sound stupid, but I'm especially happy to meet you! ^_^ I used to live in Orem and I honestly didn't think there were any other LDS bloggers on the net/on swap-bot!
    Anyway, I hope you're feeling better and you enjoyed Penelope!
    Deb said...
    I am one of your partners for the follow my blog on swapbot.

    I hope you didn't get too cold on the no pants ride. LOL

    I am now following your blog.

    Deborah (debrbrts)
    沙羅 said...
    It wouldn't let me leave a comment on your page but I started following you last week from the be my blog follower from blogspot. I was in Florida. I apologize for getting back to you late.

    QueenQuill said...
    Angie - It was totally awesome! This year was definitely the most fun year so far! Thank you for following my blog. I'll follow yours too!

    Ara - Aww, too bad you couldn't make it! It was a blast, and I'm sure you would have loved it!

    Mark - Thanks so much for the get well wishes! No, I'm not a vegetarian, so I can have all the chicken soup I like! lol. Oh crap! I totally spaced out that I haven't posed my No Pants blog/report! I'll get on that today. Thanks for reminding me!

    penaddictkitty - Aww, I'm happy to meet you too! I haven't met any fellow Mormons on Swap-bot, but I do have several LDS friends on Blogger. And I LOVED Penelope! Anyway, keep in touch!

    Other Swap-bot friends - thanks so much for following my blog! You guys rock!

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